ARCO ORBIS Surveillance operatives are experts in covert passive surveillance, gathering / consolidating intelligence that can be used for corporate and private clients. Our Operatives will provide full detailed reports upon completion of any tasks with whiteness statements, video and photographic evidence that can potentially be used too peruse in litigation.

We operate internationally with operatives located around the globe for your disposal, these operatives work on a wide range of assignments including but not limited too;

  • Legal and Litigation
  • Employer Investigation
  • Investigation for Landlords
  • Blackmail
  • Smuggling
  • Paparazzi
  • Corporate fraud
  • Criminal and Organised crime
  • Animal Rights
  • Termination and Redundancy risk
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Bug detection sweeps (Corporate / Residential)

All of our operatives work with total discreteness ensuring the best possible outcome in the surveillance process.

ARCO ORBIS follow the regulation guidelines of investigative powers act 2000 (RIPA), to ensure that the investigation tactics employed are both proportionate and necessary to our client needs.

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