Residential / Office Security Teams

Residential Security Teams manned individually or as part of a larger team, can often bring peace of mind to family members or business colleagues whether you are at home or away.

Residential Security teams form one part of the responsibility of an Executive Protection/Close protection team. Though many Clients do not feel the need for around the clock personal protection, families now feel more concerned their Home or Office can make them targets for robberies, as their assets may perceive them as a family with considerable wealth. This is often amplified for individuals in the public eye like celebrities, public figures or government officials with the added intrusiveness of media and journalists. It is a necessity you choose the right protection for your needs.

Our Residential Security Teams assess the following areas to formulate a strategic security plan for your residence:

  • Families residential Security Concerns
  • Ground/Perimeter audit
  • Access and Egress procedures Protocols
  • CCTV and Technology Protocols
  • Intruder Protocols
  • Security Procedure Protocols.
  • Safe Room protocols
  • Evacuation Protocols

Teams assigned to your residence will clearly identify any vulnerability and formulate an effective security procedure, advising in areas that may need improvements. All of our residential security teams are suitably qualified to advise on all security needs and do so with confidence because;

Your safety is our concern!

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