ARCO ORBIS understand the need for quality interpreters when its come business or personal life, We are aware the quality of our service is only as good as the standard of interpreting provided by the linguist. There are a number of different ways interpreters can be utilised for a Variety of different scenarios.

Whispering interpreters

Is when the interpreter sits next to a person who doesn’t speak the language in which they are being addressed. The interpreter then whispers what’s being said in their ear. This is particularly useful in business meetings.

Video or phone interpreting

Is when interpretation is performed via phone or video and is useful for conferences, conference calls, presentations, company global affiliate announcements, foreign investor briefings, and in cases where companies need emergency language assistance.

Online Chat interpretation

Online Chat interpreters remove the language barrier by interpreting what each party types over an internet messaging service. This is useful for negotiations with overseas suppliers, multilingual technical support, and disaster recovery scenarios.

Consecutive interpreting

Is when a speaker pauses to allow an interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language. Consecutive interpreting is used in a wide range of scenarios, from presentations to after-dinner speeches at corporate events.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters work in real-time, often sitting in sound-proof booths. This type of interpretation is particularly useful at conferences.

Simultaneous interpreting is a strenuous exercise because it requires the ability to listen to and speak different languages in real time.

Our interpreters have extensive experience in working under pressure in real time scenarios and have utilised their interpreter skills with some of the United Kingdom / United States highest ranking military personnel. Our interpreter’s are honest, reliable and trustworthy with cultural knowledge in there specific language that is invaluable.

Our interpreters can facilitate a variety languages but Arco Orbis specialise in:

Pashto – Dari – Farsi – Urdu – Punjabi – Arabic

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