Close Protection

Close Protection a form personal protection that can be easily dismissed or misused within a team. In this ever-evolving world it is easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day life of a busy environment, not to even contemplate or question if your protection is adequate for your needs.

Arco Orbis can facilitate Sports / Music personalities, Corporate clients, ‘A’ list celebrities, merchant bankers, diplomats, international visitors, dignitaries, high profile court cases or press intrusion – we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to protect you nationally and internationally.

Our services include, but are not limited too;

  • Chauffeur Driving
  • Private Security Details
  • Close Protection/Bodyguards
  • Residential Security Teams

We offer close protection on multiple levels. Your safety is our concern so we ensure all of our operators are carefully hand selected from specialist areas within the Military, Police or have a Special Forces background. Our operators and consultants are fully qualified in protective security and medical services ensuring your safety is at the highest level.


Once instructed one of our Consultancy team will talk you through your concerns, your trip and your specific requirements.

Once the threat has been established through discussions followed by applicable research and security risk assessments; the unique and appropriate operational requirement can be designed and tailored specifically too your needs, taking into account your profile, culture and image to counter any threats, ideally without overly impinging into your private and family life.

Our consultants will strategically Understand, Evaluate, Plan, Partner and Deliver to your specific needs, All of our operators are connected in too our 24/7 global operations centres located in either the UK or Dubai, giving us real time updates of operations and intelligence on the ground wherever that may be, you can rest assure you are in safe hands.

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