Corporate Event Security

If you are holding a corporate event understandably your main priority is the safety of your guests, equally you want to give your guest the best impression possible as a host with professional, smart and high caliber individuals too meet and greet upon arrival.

Security staff could be at the forefront of your organisation. It is key to ensure you have the right individuals for the right task, Your security must be capable of conducting themselves in a professional, polite and dignified manor, but most of all, be experienced to react with effectiveness to de-escalate any situation or event that may arise.

ARCO ORBIS offer the best staff in the business, our staff come from a range of military backgrounds and understand disciple, a criteria that is highly sort after when entertaining guests with high expectations.

Weather your corporate event is an Acquisition celebration, Business announcement or annual shareholder meeting we have the right staff for you.

Our dedicated staff that have outstanding experience with Access/Egress control, perimeter monitoring, door supervision, and crowd control, all execute their tasks in a methodical organised fashion. Working closely with you, we will evaluate your needs and ensure we have your vision and safety in mind, we will ensure everything is perfectly in place from opening them doors, that way you can relax and enjoy your occasion with peace of mind, happily knowing your event is in safe hands.

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