Asset Protection and Asset Escort

Asset protection is a concept of strategies for the guarding of one’s items of high value; these strategies can also be tailored and implemented for the escort of ones assets around the globe.

ARCO ORBIS can instruct at short notice an efficient and secure service providing adequately qualified operators for the protection or escort of high-value assets globally.

Two forms of assets protection and escort are high profile and low profile both with unique differences.

High Profile – Assignments may likely come under the eye of the general public these can range from but not limited too; Cash, Diamonds or Bullion pickups from banks, safety deposit centres or offices. Often public figures wear high-value assets such as jewellery and watches, ARCO ORBIS can insert asset protection operatives amongst your team for the sole purpose of protection of that item being worn.

Low Profile – Assignments are discreetly executed away from the public eye blending into the local surroundings; these can range from but not limited to the safe delivery of documents, discreet parcels, jewellery, watches or cash.

Larger items of assets including cars, vehicles, boats and aircraft can also be escorted however an increase in team members may apply in order to facilitate the safe passage of the asset in transit.

We are leaders in the industry for asset protection/escort and can facilitate but not limited to;

  • Cash
  • Diamonds
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Antiques
  • Gold
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Confidential Documents
  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Precious stones

Our operatives use unique devices and equipment to ensure the safety of your goods thus including 2 way radios, Security sealed boxes, Security Brief cases, Personal alarms and tracking devices and also armoured security transits and 4x4s.

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