Armoured Cars

Arco Orbis can assist in the supply of Armoured Vehicles, our vehicles include full vehicle armouring with certified steel and glass with a shell in shell technology or Modular and monocoque design to resist external ballistic, Kinetic and explosive threats from any angle, OEM components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to support full weight of armour without compromising the vehicle’s performance. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly comprise of built-in run-flats and bead lock systems. Our vehicles all have inter-changeable modules to suit each vehicles requirements.

Ballistic specifications are internationally recognised standards used when deciding on the level of armouring protection required. Once the protection level is determined, then the appropriate materials will be selected. Ballistic standards vary depending on the geographical region. The most common standards are:

North America:
NIJ (National Institute of Justice)
UL (Underwriter Laboratories)

Europe & Middle East:
CEN (Central European Normalisation)
DIN (Germany)

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