Arco Smartphone Tracking

ARCO SMARTPHONE TRACKING – iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

ARCO is a GPS Tracking application designed to locate individuals travelling the world using their smartphone or tablet. ARCO uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best GPS tracking updates even indoors. Geo-Fence and Panic Button Alerts allow your security team to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to high-risk areas.

The Panic Button makes the ARCO application ideal for situations requiring rapid emergency response based on current location. Two-way SMS feature allows users to communicate effectively.

ARCO PERSONAL TRACKER  – Discreet GPS tracking unit

The ARCO Personal Tracker is a discreet GPS tracking unit no bigger than a matchbox which provides the same accurate locations as the ARCO Mobile Phone Tracking Application but with a much-extended battery life of up to 10 days. The personal tracker also has a panic button and comes in a water resistant ruggedised format – ideal for situations where a mobile phone or tablet isn’t suitable.


    • GPS Tracking – Current & Historic
    • Press-and-hold Panic Button
    • Video & Audio recording on panic*
    • Geo-Fence & Country Change Alerts
    • Central Control Website
    • Two-way SMS*
    • People Search
    • Incident Response
    • Check-In
    • Privacy Mode
      *available on smartphone app only.

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