Arco Rockfleet Tracking

Report your position and provide communication options from anywhere on Earth with a view of the sky

Operates as a standalone GPS tracker and is compatible with iPhone/iPad and Android for messaging. It can also be used as a communications device with any serial based controller.


  • Autonomous GPS Tracking
  • Various mounting options for covert or non-covert installation
  • Transmission via both GSM and/or Iridium Satellite (via optional add-on)
  • Full two-way communication system from anywhere on Earth
  • Integrated Power Conditioning (9-30v)
  • Internal Battery Backup allows for up to 2 weeks use
  • Truly Global Operation, using the Iridium satellite network
  • Over-the-air reconfiguration of key parameters such as tracking frequency
  • Optional serial integration add-on to provide sat-comms to other devices 

How Does The Rocketfleet Work

The RockFLEET allows you to track the position of your assets, and send and receive short messages from anywhere on Earth with a clear view of the sky. It can transmit using either GPRS or Iridium satellite, and works far beyond the reach of standard Wi-Fi and GSM networks.

Maybe you want to track your assets wherever they go? Transmit weather information from mid-ocean? Or use it to control your robot in the middle of the desert? Perhaps you need to communicate in an emergency, when other networks might not be available? RockFLEET can help you.

At the heart of RockFLEET is an Iridium 9602 modem. The RockFLEET hosts the 9602 and provides it with an antenna, and its power supply requirements. Various options are provided for allowing you to communicate with your own systems, via RS-232, Bluetooth LE and more.

Iridium has 66 satellites in orbit around the Earth, allowing coverage anywhere on Earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No other satellite network has truly global coverage. Messages sent via Iridium take just seconds to reach you via the ARCO Secure Portal.

Key Functionality

Power Requirements

RockFLEET takes its power from 9-30v DC supply. It also has a built-in battery backup unit which will allow it to operate for up to 2 weeks without external power (depending on transmission rate and settings).


Combined with the RockCONNECT app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to send and receive short emails and SMS via the RockFLEET from anywhere.

Message Delivery

Messages sent from RockFLEET via serial can be delivered to the ARCO Secure Portal, your chosen email address, and/or your own web service as a simple HTTP POST.

Storage Temperature -40 to 85 C˚
Operating Temperature -30 to 60 C˚
Operating Environment < 75% Relative Humidity
Testing Rit – Sealed agaid water to IP68
RockFLEET Unit 120mm diameter x 50mm high
Mounting Options Various (please ask)
Cable Options 3m 9-30v (can be varied)
Input Voltage DC (9-30v)
Power Consumption 500Ma mAx plus Low sleep mode (< 30mA)
Iridium Modem 9602 short burst transceiver
Iridium Antenna Maxtena 1621 patch antenna
GSM, serial communications, Bluetooth LE 9-30v power input, various mounting bracket options

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