About Us

ARCO ORBIS is a specialist global security, armoured vehicle protection and tracking organisation.

In an ever-changing world we understand that risk is an unedifying factor in business and personal life, ARCO ORBIS aims to reduce that risk for you by applying our skills, experience and technology that we have acquired over many years, whilst operating in many countries around the world. Our staff are dedicated and committed to placing your mind at ease, we endeavour to control the risk for you, so you don’t have too.

Controlled Risk

We believe controlled risk is essential and core to our clients success, We have unprecedented expertise in mitigating risk with over thirty years experience in Corporate risk and Hostile environments, our in-depth subject knowledge gives you the intelligence and advantage on the ground which has been proven invaluable time and time again, giving you the opportunity to grasp with greater certainty and at every possible moment.

Our Clients

Client confidentiality is uppermost important to us, as well as it is to them, so as a matter of course we could never disclose that information. However our organisation do support a range of individuals from various backgrounds inclusive but not limited to Small, Medium and International companies on the way to greater security for their needs, Multinational businesses, law firms and Government departments from across the globe.

Our Staff

ARCO ORBIS defines cohesion when it comes to a bringing a multiple of perspectives into one location for the good of your safety, Our staff range from Security Consultants, Security Analyst, Cyber experts, intelligence officers, Soldiers, Technology experts, Armoring Consultants, Investigators and law personnel.

At ARCO ORBIS we believe your safety is our concern!

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